Cap Food Estuary Coho Fly Tying Video

Cap Food Estuary Coho Fly Tying Video

This fly is a combination of effective patterns that work well on our local beaches, including one that I particularly like quite a bit. The mirage flash that is incorporated into the tail and the body gives plenty of eye-catching enticement to the fly and the polar bear and hackle combination can easily be mistaken for a krill or crab larva. 

While orange remains my preferred colour for Coho fishing off the beach, I also like tying it in Chartreuse, Pink, and Blue. For those seeking an effective pattern to test in estuary Coho fishing, this one is definitely worth a try!

Fly Tying Recipe

Hook: Ahrex SA220, Size 10

Thread: Uni Thread, 6/0, White

Tail and Body: Hedron Polar Flash, Opal Mirage

Rib: Uni Wire, Silver, Small

Wing: Unique Fly Fishing Products Polar Bear, Orange

Hackle: Wapsi Strung Rooster Saddles Long, Orange

Fly Tying Video


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