Bradley Smoker Review

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Bradley Smoker Review

This Bradley Smoker Review will be one of the more challenging to write as the thoughts of the creations and deliciousness of what can be done is distracting, to say the least.

Bradley Smokers have helped to re-shape and redefine which foods can be smoked at home and the quality of the finished product. Before Bradley Smokers came on the market, smokers for at-home use were quite simple, but would do the job for sure. In this review we will look at why Bradley Smokers have completely changed the game.

When smoking foods, it’s not as simple as just starting a fire, throwing some wood on it and away we go. To properly smoke foods there are a few very important things to remember. One is that you don’t want to produce too much heat as this will cause foods to be cooked too quickly. Too much heat will also burn the wood (chips/sawdust) too fast, creating white ash which is not good for your finished product.

Most older smokers lacked temperature control. The units were simply plugged in, and they heated up. They needed to be constantly attended to as the woodchips/sawdust burned, to ensure that there was smoke being produced. Also, there was no ability to make sure there was no ash getting on to the food.

Now let us talk Bradley Smokers. These smokers look like a mini refrigerator or a “beer fridge”. At the bottom there’s a hole which the smoke generator fits into. This generator has a temperature dial on it in the case of the Bradley Original Smoker or digital controls in the case of the digital model smokers. This ability to control temperature is huge. You can fine tune the smoking duration to any level of doneness. For example, some people may like fish smoked very dry, like jerky, while others prefer more of a moist texture. Smoked cheese is truly an amazingly wonderful treat. If you attempted to smoke cheese with the older style smokers, you’d be making smoked cheese strings as the cheese would melt quite quickly.

With the Bradley Smoker you can dial that heat right down and create a low temperature smoke. If you’re smoking cheese you should still keep an eye on it to ensure it’s not melting. It can successfully be done with a Bradley and oh my does it turn out fantastic.

bradley smoker review

Bradley Bisquettes

Another great feature of these smokers is that the need to monitor wood chips/sawdust is no longer required as the smoke generator automatically advances the unique Bradley Smoker wood bisquettes as required. The Bradley bisquettes are made by Bradley Smokers for Bradley Smokers. These aren’t just something thrown together hoping for success as there was extensive thought and testing put into what we now have as the final product. The Bradley bisquettes are pressed together, creating the perfect density for a clean-burning smoke that doesn’t need a lot of heat and doesn’t burn down to ash.

The smoke generator has a hot plate that the bisquettes sit on and once they’ve burned down to the perfect point, the burning puck is pushed off the plate into a hole at the bottom of the smoker and a new puck replaces it and starts to smoke. You can preload enough pucks for 8 hours of continuous smoke so that you can actually do other things instead of babysitting your smoker. This is a huge win!

Bradley offers these bisquettes in a wide range of flavours including some pretty specialized flavours so you can really let your smoking creative juices flow. We carry oak, special blend, variety pack, maple, cherry, hickory, apple and mesquite

Bradley Smoker Bisquettes

Bradley Smoking Accessories

Bradley offers a wide range of accessories to elevate the greatness of these smokers.

Extra Racks

Extra racks can be purchased for the smokers. Due to their concave design, one can take these extra racks and flip them upside down and place them on top of the other racks, essentially doubling the capacity of the smoker.

Smoker racks

Bradley Magic Mats

If you’re smoking some “sticky” stuff you can purchase Bradley’s Magic Mats. These mats lay on top of the regular racks and are a made from a food-grade, high temperature silicone which is also dishwasher safe. Food easily lifts off these mats.

Bradley Magic Mats

Bradley Cookbook

Bradley also offers a well-written cookbook to help give you inspiration and new ideas. Our summary of Bradley Smokers is that they make smoking easier, less time consuming and lead to some of the best tasting finished product you could hope for. We hope you found our Bradley smoker review helpful. Buying one of these is a decision you will not regret.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email, by phone at 604-931-5044 or stop by Sea-Run Fly & Tackle at #110-1140 Austin Avenue in Coquitlam BC.

Good luck on the water.

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