ASB Chromie Fly Tying Video

ASB Chromie Fly Tying Video

The ASB Chromie is a highly effective fly pattern that no Stillwater fly angler should be without. This pattern imitates a "gassed up" chironomid pupa that is ascending to the surface. Its simplicity in tying allows for easy modifications, such as altering the colour of the underbody thread, wire rib, or incorporating Flashabou for the rib. By adding gills and varying the bead colour, you can create a diverse range of options to present to fish on any given day.

Fly Recipe

Hook: Daiichi 1760, Size 14
Bead: Pro-Tyer Tru Fit Brass Beads 3/32” White
Thread: UTC 70d, Black
Body: ChroniCuts ASB, .075mm
Rib: UTC Ultra Wire, Small, Red

Fly Tying Video

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