10 Great Gifts for the Saltwater Angler

10 Great Gifts for the Saltwater Angler

Do you have a saltwater angler on your Christmas list? Check out our top 10 gift ideas below.

Gift Idea #1 - Islander MR3

This gift idea is on the higher-priced side of things but there would be no shortage of smiles and appreciation on Christmas morning when a new Islander MR3 reel gets opened up.  These are one of the most popular saltwater salmon fishing reels on the market today. They are made in BC and are tried and tested.

Gift Idea #2 - Trophy Titan 3106 Mooching/Downrigger Rod

The Trophy Titan 3106 Mooching/Downrigger Rod is a fantastic rod built with good components on a very tough, durable rod blank. 

Gift Idea #3 - Hot Spot Flashers

Most saltwater salmon anglers simply can’t have enough flashers. The concept here is that some is good, but more is better! Flashers by Hot Spot are always a good option. These flashers are made in Canada and are of the highest quality. 

Hot Spot

Gift Idea #4 - Rhys Davis Anchovy Special Teaser Heads 3 Pack Unrigged

The Rhys Davis Anchovy Special is the #1 choice for anglers who want to combine the effectiveness of anchovies and other medium sized bait fish with the action and fish catching consistency of plastic bait.


Gift Idea #5 - Flambeau 2059 7-Tray Tackle Box

If a new tackle box is on your Christmas shopping list, the Flambeau 2059 7-Tray Tackle Box is a stellar choice. These have an incredible amount of storage space for all the necessary tackle and they have two built-in cup holders.

Gift Idea #6 - Simms Challenger Jacket

The Simms Challenger Jacket was designed specifically for saltwater usage. These jackets will keep you dry in even the most adverse conditions, a necessity when out on the salt, especially on the west coast.

Simms Challenger Rain Jacket

Gift Idea #7 - Lighthouse Lures Max Shad Swim Baits

The Lighthouse Lures Max Shad swim baits are an absolute favourite of Lingcod, Rockfish and Halibut. Any angler who fishes for any of these bottom dwellers will be thrilled to find some of these under the tree.

Gift Idea #8 - Scotty 2500 Electric Line Puller

The Scotty 2500 Line Puller makes brining up crab and prawn traps a breeze. With their heavy-duty motor, loaded, weighted traps come up fast and easily. These pullers adapt to Scotty Downrigger mounts easily as well as Scotty Downrigger plugs.

Scotty 2500 Line Puller

Gift Idea #9 – Luhr Jensen Coyote Spoons

Luhr Jensen Coyote Spoons are a highly effective and popular salmon trolling spoon. These make a great stocking stuffer. Whether fishing locally or the west coast of Vancouver Island, Coyote spoons get bites!

Luhr Jensen Coyote Salmon Trolling Spoons

Gift Idea #10 - Scotty 247 Dual Rod Holders

Scotty 247 Dual Rod Holders are a fast and convenient way to set up for fishing with two rods.  They simply drop on top of a 1026 Swivel Base and screw down.  The angles of rods can easily be adjusted by backing off the screws at the base of the holders.  Rods are easy to get out of these holders, but super secure when in them.

Scotty Dual Rod Holders

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Good luck on the water.

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