Worden's Flatfish

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Charlie Helin’s original FlatFish is legendary for its ability to catch fish, which often strike this plug with a crushing vengeance. Designed to produce an enticing wide wiggle when pulled at slow speed, and exhibit an ever increasing “sonic thump” when pulled at or near maximum speed (which varies, depending on size), FlatFish is a staple among anglers everywhere. FlatFish are available in all top fish producing colors and 14 sizes, ranging from 1-to-6 inches in length. In addition, there is a jointed model (available in two sizes) and a 5.5 inch Hawg Nose version designed to dive deep for big fish. From panfish to trout, walleye, pike, steelhead, lake trout and salmon, you will find the right FlatFish for every situation and specie.
Bait Fish Blue / F3 - $10.98
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