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BNR Soft Beads the fish can't believe that it’s not real roe.  The effectiveness of the BNR Soft Beads is truly remarkable mind blowing in fact, they’re re-writing the playbook on river fishing lures. 

These soft beads work on a wide variety of popular river species such as Cutthroat Trout, Steelhead, Coho Salmon, Chinook Salmon, and Bull Trout.


The BNR Soft Bead is available in a wide range of sizes starting with 8mm increasing in 2mm increments up to 20mm and then ballooning up to 25mm and the massive 32mm (rumoured to have its own moon orbiting it).

BnR Soft Beads Colors

The colour ranges are as infinite as the size range Sea-Run Fly & Tackle stocks  16 different colours including fan favorites such as Sweet Pink Cherry, Peach Gobbler, Peach Swirl, Clown, Joker and Mottled Cerise to name a few.  So how are they re-writing the playbook?


Well the tales about BNR Tackle Soft Beads dominant performance on Summer Chinooks on the Vedder/Chilliwack River over that of roe was compelling to say the least, that same performance was also echoed during Fall Chinook river fisheries.

When float fishing for Coho smaller more finesse presentations have been the norm especially in lower clear conditions, little pieces of bait small wool presentations, success depended on setting up this way.  So naturally the 8mm was the size?  Nope wrong 14mm-20mm; mind blown.

Now as we make that comment... 100%, there was many people doing well on the smaller sized beads for both talked about species but it was just absolutely amazing how well the larger ones were doing even though it defied logic. 

There are similar stories with Steelhead fishing a soft bead catching a fish that had seen many other offerings and then first cast with one of these beads fish on. 


When setting up your BNR Soft Bead it’s important to “peg” the bead above the hook, the beads come with a T-stop which fits inside the hole of the soft bead the BNR T-stop applies enough friction that you can slide the bead up the line above the hook and have it stay in place but not enough friction that you need to be concerned about damaging the line. A common distance for the bead to be away from the hook is about 1 ½-2 inches this helps to improve hook ups especially when using the larger sized BNR Soft beads. 

8mm / Sweet Pink Cherry - $10.98
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