Simms Waders

Simms Waders

Simms waders are highly rated on the worldwide fishing scene, and for good reason. The innovative team at Simms is dedicated to ensuring that their waders are top notch. They use cutting-edge materials and the newest technology available. Simms is constantly working to improve their designs to stay at the top of the game.


Simms is an authorized Gore-Tex dealer.  Gore-Tex is the pioneer in the breathable fabrics industry and is well known throughout the fishing industry and pretty much any activity that takes place outdoors.  The Simms waders that don’t utilize Gore-Tex, use a material called Toray Quadlam. On their entry level waders, a breathable polyester is used. All these materials have performed remarkably well and have been used for several years now. 

Simms Waders are Available at Sea-Run Fly & Tackle

Not only do Simms waders offer top performance in the field but their fit is spectacular. They offer a vast range of sizing options. The anatomical shape of the neoprene booties is very form-fitting, making for less material bunching when going into the wading boots. The neoprene feet are also well built and durable. We see nearly zero issues with the feet on these waders. All models come with built-in gravel guards and a wading belt.

Simply put, if you’re participating in a fishery that requires waders, Simms are the way to go. 

Simms G4Z Waders

The best of the best, the Simms G4Z waders are made with a 3-layer Gore-Tex Pro Shell upper and a 4-layer Gore-Tex Pro Shell lower for top-of-the-line performance and durability.  Simms utilizes a YKK zipper on the front of the wader making them easier to get in and out of and for easier “streamside relief”.  They have a nice wide air mesh suspender system for the best in comfort as well as two big hand warmer pockets. The two gear storage pockets on the front and inner storage pocket work really well. 

Simms G3 Guide Waders

The Simms G3 Guide waders are a long-standing award-winning keystone name in the Simms wader lineup. The G3 has received tweaks over time and saw a revamped model launched at the beginning of 2022. This wader is a 3-layer Gore-Tex upper and a 4-layer Gore-Tex Pro lower.  They have an air mesh suspender system, zippered fleece-lined hand warmer pocket, large front storage pocket and a removable inner pocket. The feet have been redesigned for the 2022 model and have an anti-microbial finish on them. 

Simms Guide Classic Waders

The Simms Guide Classic waders are the entry level Gore-Tex wader in the line-up. These waders have reach-through hand warmer pockets and a sewn-in inner pocket.

Simms Freestone Z Waders

The Simms Freestone Z waders are the more inexpensive option for a zippered front wader.  They are constructed from a 4-layer Toray Quadlam fabric. They have two outer chest pockets and an internal pocket.

Simms Freestone Waders

The Simms Freestone waders have the same features as the Freestone Z’s, except they don’t have a front zipper. They have a straight-through fleece lined hand warmer pocket and a zippered storage pocket in the front.

Simms Tributary Waders

This is the entry level wader in the product line but these waders still have the top-quality performance expected from Simms.  The Simms Tributary waders are made from a breathable waterproof polyester 3-layer upper and a 4-layer lower. They have a fleece-lined straight-through pocket and zippered upper storage pocket. Also, available in kids sizes.

Simms Women’s Freestone Waders

The Simms Women's Freestone waders are made with same materials and features as the men’s version but are cut and sized to fit women.

Simms Women’s Tributary Waders

The Simms Women's Tributary waders are made with same materials and features are utilized as for the men’s version but these waders are cut and sized to fit women.

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