Islander Reels

For over 20 years Islander Reels has been manufacturing high quality fishing reels from their machine shop located in Victoria, British Columbia. Islander has worked hard to established their reputation as one of the top reel manufacturers in the Canada. 


Sea-Run Fly & Tackle has a long-standing history as a dealer with Islander Reels. In fact it may not be well known but Sea-Run Fly and Tackle was a pioneer in having reels produced in different colours outside of the traditional Gold and Black.  One of those colours is the Clear (Silver) reel and it's still on the market today.

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Some of the Islander Products we carry:

  • MR3
  • MR2 LA
  • TR3
  • Steelheader
  • Maintenance Kit


The Islander MR3 is our most popular saltwater salmon trolling and mooching reel.  The MR3 utilizes Islanders’ quality cork drag for a silky smooth drag.  These reels have a large spool diameter allowing for a fast line retrieve.  These reels are available in Gold, Black, Clear (Silver) and Blue.  This reel is able to be switched from left to right-handed retrieve. 


A re-design of the original Islander trolling and mooching reel, the Islander MR2 LA Mooching Reel has a smaller spool than the MR3 reducing line retrieve slightly from the MR3 with that being said some anglers find the smaller reel slightly more comfortable to wind.

The original MR2 had a deep spool which required some backing to go on first otherwise one would be putting 600 yards of line on which is not necessary the MR2 LA was redesigned with a shallower spool eliminating the need for the backing.  The MR2 LA also utilizes the cork drag system and is also available in Gold, Black, Clear (Silver) and Blue.


The latest in the Islander salmon trolling and mooching reels to hit the water.  This reel has been a favuorite since hitting Sea-Run Fly & Tackle shelves.  The Islander TR3 Mooching Reel is the same size diameter as the MR3 again allowing for a fast line retrieve.

Unlike the MR3 and MR2 LA the TR3 utilizes a sealed disc drag system this substantially reduces the need to maintain the reel.  The cork drag systems do require some oil to applied to the cork to keep them silky smooth. 

The TR3 is offered in two colour schemes either a Clear (Silver) frame and spool with a Red drag knob and foot as well as a Red center, the other colour scheme is Clear (Silver) with Blue drag knob and foot as well as a Blue center.

Islander Steelheader

The Islander Steelheader has been walking up and down rivers for many years now.  This casting centerpin reel is one of the most popular centerpin reels on the market today and for good reason they’re awesome!

This reel runs on high quality ABEC bearings which will provide ultra smooth casting as well the best drift no matter the speed of the water.  Usable in both in right and left retrieve and available Gold, Black, Clear (Silver) and Blue. 

See our Islander Steelheader review.

Maintenance Kit

Like any high performance equipment maintenance is important for performance and durability.  The Islander Reel Maintenance Kit comes complete with cleaning swaps, lubricant applicator, synthetic oil and synthetic grease, this kit offers everything you need to keep your reel running flawlessly every day you’re on the water.


Another very cool option that Islander offers is the ability to add engraving to the reel. 

Proudly Canadian and Family-Owned

Sea-Run Fly & Tackle is a family-owned small business located in Coquitlam, BC, Canada. We are a fishing specialty store that carries a large selection of fishing rods, reels, clothing, tackle, fly tying materials, boat accessories and more.

If you don't see the product you are looking for we are happy to special order it for you. Special orders can take a few weeks so make sure you factor that in if you're going on a trip.

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