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Islander MR3 Mooching Reel

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Islander Reels has made its mark in the mooching reel market with the Islander MR3 and is rapidly becoming the best selling reel for Islander and for good reason these are a top quality top performing reel.

The Islander MR3 has a 4 1/2" large arbor spool allowing for a very fast retrieve an important feature when that salmon of a lifetime is charging at you or retrieving gear from deeper depths.

MR3's utilize a cork drag system designed to put the brakes on any large angry fish with a perfect range on the drag as well, there's nothing more frustrating then going to make a slight adjustment to the drag only to have the too much pressure applied and a hook pulled or a leader break.

The Islander MR3 is non judgmental in which hand is used to reel it in as it's possible to convert this reel from right to left handed a feature not always offered in a high end mooching or trolling reel.  These Islander reels can be purchased in Gold, Black, Clear (Silver) or Blue and can be custom engraved as well adding a personal touch for a gift or special occasion.

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