10 Great Clothing Gifts for Cold and Warm Weather

10 Great Clothing Gifts for Cold and Warm Weather

Gift Idea #1 - Simms Fall Run Hoody and Fall Run Collared Jacket (Cold Weather)

Either the Simms Fall Run Hoody or Fall Run Collared Jacket are an excellent gift idea as these jackets are super warm and comfortable but still incredibly thin for how warm they are. These jackets have some water repellency as well as being totally wind resistant.  We can’t say enough good things about these jackets. Having one is truly life-altering.


Gift Idea #2 – Patagonia Synch Pants (Cold Weather)

The Patagonia Synch Fleece Pants are super warm, comfy and they last quite well.  These are a perfect layering piece for any type of cold weather. If we didn’t have to dress somewhat professionally in the shop, we would all be wearing a pair of these pants to work.

Patagonia Synch Pants 

Gift Idea #3 – Simms Socks (Cold Weather)

Has there ever been a more exciting Christmas gift than a pair of new socks?  Well, if they’re a pair of the Simms socks they’re a pretty exciting gift as they’re really good, comfortable socks.  There are 4 different models in order of lightest to heaviest, the Merino Lightweight Hiker, Merino Midweight Hiker, OTC Midweight and Thermal OTC.

Simms Socks

Gift Ideas #4 – Patagonia Better Sweater Gloves (Cold Weather)

Give the gift of warm hands with the Patagonia Better Sweater Gloves. These are half finger gloves with a mitt that can flip over so you can warm up fingertips when they get chilled.  The Better Sweater glove is fleece-lined and made with 100% recycled polyester. We offer these gloves in M, L and XL and in either black or blue.

Patagonia Better Sweater Glove

Gift Idea #5 – Simms Lightweight Baselayer Bottoms and Tops

Comfort on the water in colder weather is all about the proper layering system. The Simms Lightweight Baselayer Bottoms and Simms Lightweight Baselayer Tops are the perfect building block for your layering system.  These pieces are the first layer that help to keep you warm. They also wick moisture away from the skin which is huge in keeping you warm and comfortable. Either of these is a great gift idea.

Simms Lightweight Top and Bottom

Gift Idea #6 – Simms Solarflex Hoody and Solarflex Shirt (Warm Weather)

The Simms Solarflex Hoody or Solarflex Long Sleeve Crewneck Shirt are wonderful gift ideas. These tops have UPF 50 sun block built into them, meaning you do not need to apply sunscreen to any part of the body being covered by the top.  These shirts dry very quickly and are very comfortable to wear. We highly recommend these tops.

Simms Solarflex 

Gift Idea #7 - Simms Superlight Zip-Off Pants (Warm Weather)

The Simms Superlight Zip-Off pants are a great option in warm weather. They breathe well, have built-in UPF 50 sun block and can be quickly converted into shorts. These are a great option for tropical fishing, wet wading during the summer or during any boat fishing in warm weather.

Simms Superlight Zip Off Pant

Gift Idea #8 - Simms Solarflex Sungloves (Warm Weather)

One part of the body often overlooked when it comes to sun protection is your hands, especially when fishing, as they’re always exposed.  Help protect your hands without having to apply sunscreen with the Simms Solarflex Sungloves. We have these available in S-XXL.

Simms Solarflex Sungloves

Gift Idea #9 - Simms Big Sky Shirt (Warm Weather)

Look sharp and keep yourself protected from the sun with the built in UPF 50 protection offered by the Simms Big Sky Long Sleeve Shirt. You can show up to dinner from fishing the flats and no one would be the wiser.

Simms Big Sky Long Sleeve Shirt

Gift Idea #10 - Simms Superlight Sunshield Cap (Warm Weather)

The Simms Superlight Sunshield Cap is a perfect warm weather hat. It is a light colour and doesn't absorb much heat. This cap has a longer, wider bill than a normal ball hat, a UPF 50 sun protection rating and a long flap that protects your neck from harmful UV rays.

Simms Super Light Sunshield Cap

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email, by phone at 604-931-5044 or stop by 

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Good luck on the water.

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