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The Blue Fox Vibrax Spinner is as good as they get when it comes to an effective spinner. This lure emits a sonic vibration when the internal, free spinning brass gear rattles off of the bell shaped body, making it irresistible to fish. 

The lure shaft is a heavy-duty stainless steel wire that helps in making a very durable lure.  The spinner blades on these lures are also heavy-duty, making for the perfect blade rotation speed. If the blade is too thin the lure spins too quickly, making it less effective.

Vibrax Spinner

Blue Fox Vibrax Sizes and Colours

Available in an array of colour options and sizes, these lures are suitable for trout, salmon and steelhead. The Blue Fox Vibrax spinner is sized #0 (7/64oz), #1 (1/8oz), #2 (3/16oz), #3 (1/4oz), #4 (3/8oz), #5 (7/16oz) and in limited colours, #6 (5/8oz).

Some of the popular colour options that Blue Fox produces are silver blade/silver body, gold blade/gold body, copper blade/copper body, silver blade with chartreuse body, metallic blue body, metallic purple body, fluorescent red body and a gold blade with a fluorescent red body.

The Candy Back series of the Vibrax spinners have a painted blade tip with a coloured back blade. Fish love these colour combinations. The Vibrax spinner comes with a treble hook as well as a single siwash hook and both are high-quality VMC hooks.

Cerise/Purple Candyback / 3 - $8.98
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