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Fishing is a process of outwitting your prey with creations that most imitate what fish are feeding on at a specific time of year. Matching exactly what fish are looking for, will magnify your fishing experience during spawns and when fish are seeking only eggs. All the eggs they see are SINGLE… drifting along the bottom of the stream one at a time. NOT in clusters. Salmon, Trout and Steelhead do not spawn in clusters. You will occasionally see two and sometimes three eggs sticking together but the vast majority are singles.

TroutBeads also have the same neutral buoyancy as natural fish eggs, which is another reason (besides color) that make this technique so effective. From the East coast to the West coast, salmon, trout and steelhead guides have counted on TroutBeads egg matching colors to maximize catch rates when fish are chasing eggs.

TroutBeads were created to mimic the different stages and colors of a fish egg from freshly laid to completely spawned or washed out.

Piece Counts: 6mm-50ct, 8mm-40ct, 10mm-30ct, 12mm-20ct, 14mm-15ct

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