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Mustad 39960 Circle Hook

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Terminal Tackle
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The Mustad Tuna Circle Hook is a true circle hook featuring the best hookup ratios. No wonder it is so popular among tournament fishermen. It features 2X strong wire, making it perfect for battling heavier and bigger tuna. The distinct curved shape of the circle hook will, when the fish takes the baited hook and swallows it, ensure that the hook travels to the corner of the mouth or lip, resulting in fewer deep-hooked fish. The circle hook can be used for a whole range of applications from drifting, trolling or kiting. When live-baiting, always choose a hook size that matches the bait. Setting the hook is more of a firm tightening of the line, than an actual strike. It is, in other words, the ultimate "catch and release" hook. The MTL-V1point combines a more efficient point design with a new sharpening process to enhance the quality. The result is a sharper, sleek new point shape with penetration resistance 50% lower than standard classic hook points! Duratin finish.
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