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Echo Stillwater Fly Rod

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You don’t try and use your toothbrush to start your car so why would you use a fly rod for stillwater fishing that wasn’t designed for stillwater fishing?  The brand new Echo Stillwater fly rod was specifically designed specifically to meet the needs of any lake angler on the smallest to the largest of lakes this includes anglers who may be involved in competitions.

The Stillwater offers an incredible balance of power for punching out long casts or dealing with windy conditions so often experienced on BC’s interior lakes but has a nice softer delicate tip helping feel the rod load on shorter casts and for soft presentations.

Echo Stillwater Review

This rod is a breath of fresh air for those that prefer a rod that doesn’t feel like a broomstick as it seems harder and harder to find this type of fly rod with the fast action trend in the industry.  The medium-fast action of this rod helps to increase fish landing success as there is more shock absorption with a fuller flexing rod. A big head shake from a large trout is less likely to result in a snapped tippet or a pulled hook.

Echo offers the Stillwater in 4wt, 5wt, 6wt and 7wt and in a 10’ length as well as a 10’6” in a 6wt. All sizes are available in a 4 piece and come with a pretty unique fiberglass rod tube. 

The Echo Stillwater has a removable screw in fighting butt with weighted rings to get a perfectly balanced set up.  The matte grey blank colour and dark grey winding thread and nickel black guides make for a pretty sweet look that would match with any colour reel you may be looking to pair it with.

The Stillwater is backed by Echo’s lifetime warranty should an unfortunate incident occur we at Sea-Run Fly & Tackle are more than happy deal with warranty claims (fees are associated with the warranty). We hope you enjoyed this quick Echo Stillwater review.

Meeting the needs of competition-level lake anglers

Conventional fly rods are a poor substitute for a precisely developed stillwater rod. These new rods were designed to get anglers fishing more effectively and efficiently in lakes of all sizes.

Powerful yet delicate

We worked with expert Pete Erickson to fine-tune this unique rod series with its medium fast action and subtle delicacy to cover all aspects of high-level stillwater fishing.

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