Sea-Run Fly and Tackle has a huge selection of fishing reels for fishing in British Columbia. We carry fly reels, level wind, centre-pins, spinning reels, and mooching reels in all sizes from a wide variety of the world’s best manufacturers.

Fly Fishing Reels

Sea-Run Fly and Tackle stocks fly reels from beginners models to the most advanced disc drag designs in every range of size available. We have a range of models suitable for spey and single-handed fly fishing rods for fresh and saltwater applications. We carry a broad range of models from the world’s leading manufacturers of fly reels, including Sage, Islander, Abel, Lamson, Old Florida/Nautilus, Loop, Hardy, G Loomis, Temple Fork, Okuma, Galvan, Dragonfly and Fenwick. If you are looking for a simple inexpensive beginners trout reel or the latest machined aluminum large arbour spey or saltwater tropics reel, we have it in stock waiting for you.

Gear Fishing Reels

Sea-Run has a huge selection of baitcasting (levelwind), centrepin, spinning and mooching reels to cover every type of fishing in British Columbia and beyond. We also have the range of models within each of these reel categories to ensure we have a reel that will fit your budget. We stock quality gear fishing reels from the worlds leading manufacturers, including Islander, Kingpin, John Milner, Shimano, Abu Garcia, Penn, Daiwa, and Okuma.

Fly Fishing Reels

John Milner


Kingfisher: A common choice among BC Steelhead anglers, The Kingfisher is a solid choice for any of your centrepin needs. The Kingfisher reels are available in 4″, 4 3/8″, 5″ sizes, and come in a variety of colours and hole porting options. The Kingfisher reels are available in a bushing or bearing style. We often stock custom reels, and more custom reels are available upon request.


Talisman: A prized possession as well, The Talisman is a more traditionally designed centrepin reel, taking after the historic look and feel of Hardy’s “The Silex” reels. A greater width, The Talisman reels are available in a 4″ and 4 1/2″ size, and come in a variety of colours with some different hole porting options. The Talisman reels are available in a bushing style. Customers have choice options with gold plating on brass parts.


IS (Steelheader): A BC staple, you’ll often see an Islander Steelheader reel hanging off of many anglers rods. With its 4 1/2″ diameter and smooth bearing design, the Steelheader’s make for the perfect centrepin reel. Steelheader’s are available in the classic Gold, Clear (Silver), Black, Slate, Blue, Green, and Orange.



Aventa: A good option in reels if you are not looking to break the bank. The Okuma Aventa is a bearing reel that has been a good “go-to” option for newer anglers for the last 10 years.

Raw II 1002: Comparable with the Okuma Aventa reel, the Raw II is an upgrade from the Aventa model. Featuring a gunmetal and orange finish, the Raw II is a slick looking bearing reel that casts effortlessly. A great reel for the money.


Matrix: New to Sea-Run, the Matrix centrepin reels by Raven are another great option for a smaller budget. Featuring twin shielded ball bearings, the Raven Matrix is a very smooth casting bearing reel. The Matrix is available in two colour finishes; Polished Titanium, and Polished Bronze.


Casting / Levelwind Reels

Abu Garcia

C3 Series:

C4 Series:

Pro Rocket Series:

Low-Profile Reels:




253 Luna:

300 Luna:

300H Lexa:





Mooching Reels


Shimano 4000 GT:


M-One UTD 400:

Trophy XL

Tyee QR 4.5″: 









Spinning Reels






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