Scotty Fishing Products

Scotty Fishing Products

Scotty Fishing Products has been producing top quality fishing and marine products since 1952, located in Sidney British Columbia they have grown to a juggernaut in the fishing industry a feat accomplished by producing top quality products, excellent customer service and an outstanding warranty.  Whether it is freshwater or saltwater fishing you do Scotty Fishing has you covered. 

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Some of the Scotty Products We Carry

  • Downriggers
  • Downrigger Mounts
  • Downrigger Accessories
  • Rod Holders
  • Anchor Locks
  • Oar Collars
  • Oar Locks
  • Hand Bilge Pump
  • Gaffs

Scotty Downriggers

Here in BC the downrigger market belongs to Scotty. For electric downriggers our we primarily stock the 2106 High Performance, 2106B High Performance loaded with braided line, 1106 Depth Power and the 1106B Depth Power with braided line.  All of these models come with the 1026 swivel base and all the needed hardware other than the electrical mounts being set up they’re ready to fish.

The 2106 High Performances have a digital counter they have a fast retrieve a great feature when fishing at deeper depths and can retrieve cannonballs up to 20lbs.  The 1106 Depth Powers are the old kid on the downrigger block they’re still a popular seller today. Their counter is an analog type with a slower retrieve compared to that of the 2106’s also they’re not recommended for usage with cannonballs over 15lbs.

The only manual downrigger we carry in stock at Sea-Run Fly & Tackle is the 1071 Laketroller this little small downrigger is ideal for smaller boat lake trolling this downrigger comes with a clamp mount on it for fast easy mounting like all Scotty downriggers it is loaded with line and hardware they can handle a cannonball up to 4lbs.  While we don’t stock all of the models of Scotty Downriggers we are always happy to order in any model that they produced.

Scotty Downrigger Mounts

Not all boats are made the same, but Scotty has all angles covered.  Most Scotty downriggers are fastened down by a 1023 Mounting Bracket this bracket can be mounted right on a boat it secures the downrigger to it by a large bolt going thru it the bolt then threads into the downrigger more often than not though the 1023 is mounted on another Scotty mount.

The 1026 Downrigger Swivel Base Mount is the most popular mount it comes included with all the electric models that we carry it brings the height of the downrigger up and allows the downrigger to swivelled around this is handy when getting a fish to the boat or when running.

The 1027 Rail Mount as the name implies is for boats that may have a rail hindering the desired downrigger location the 1026 can be mounted on to the 1027.  The 1025 Right Angle Side Gunnel Mount is designed for boats that have a gunnel too skinny to mount a 1023 or 1026 to this mount has a plate that bolts to the side of the boat and then a flat piece that slides over increasing the surface are to mount either the 1023 or 1026. 

Downrigger Accessories

We stock an extensive array of downrigger accessories such as line release clips in all of the lengths this is what snaps on to the downrigger line or in the case of the Scotty 1170 Power Grip Plus Line Release Clip 18" w Cannonball Snap to a fin of a cannonball the fishing line then goes into the jaws of the clip and secures it there until a fish bites and pulls the line free.

The 3025 Downrigger Weight Retriever is a very popular downrigger accessory the line from your downrigger runs thru a plastic circle that has a thin rope attached to it a small jam cleat is attached to the boat when you need to have the cannonball pulled to you to grab a release clip and reset gear.  There are multiple different types of clips to attach your cannonball to the downrigger line we stock the following 1152, 1154, 1153 and the 1009 all are popular options.

To stop an electric downrigger from stopping you can use 2008 Auto Stop Beads for braided line or the 1008 for stainless steel line another option for braided line would be the 376 or 378 Sure Stop Pro these have a large swivel that acts as the stopper with a 60” piece of tuna cord and a clip to attach the cannonball too.  We also carry the electrical plugs and sockets for electric downriggers.

Scotty Rod Holders

Scotty rod holders get the job done for any and all fishing applications. The Scotty 265 fly rod holder is designed for fly rods the 267 is the same fly rod holder but with a strap to go around a float tube or pontoon.  The Scotty 230 Power Lock is one of the most popular holders this is a very common one for saltwater applications.

The 400 Orca rod holder is also a popular model these holders are designed as a quick release there’s the rod and simply be pulled up and the holder will open releasing these are very popular with sturgeon anglers and saltwater anglers.

The 280 was designed specifically for Baitcasting and Spinning rods.  The Scotty R-5 rod holder is the new kid on the block and is a quick release holder built super rugged that can be used with all several styles of fishing reels such as spin cast rods, spinning, baitcaster and fly rods.

Scotty Anchor Locks

You’d be hard pressed to find a boat on a BC lake anchored up not using a Scotty Anchor locks.   These pullers were designed by Brian Babcock the founder of our business establishment (Babcock Fly and Tackle became Sea-Run Fly & Tackle) in 2002 and since their arrival on the fishing scene these pullers have been an unbelievably reliable product. We have never had a warranty claim on a single one and we have sold a pile of them.

The 276 comes with a 241 Side-Deck mount this allows for two mounting options either on top of a gunnel or flat surface large enough for the mount to fit or on the side of a boat.  The 277 comes with flush mount as the name implies this mount sits flush where it’s mounted, a hole does have to be drilled for the mount to sit in to be flush. Last but not least is the 278 deck mount.

Oar Locks and Collars

The Scotty 102 Strongback Oarlocks fit standard 2” oars they have a stainless steel shaft with molded plastic nylon over top these pair up perfectly with the 101 Oar Collars these wrap around the oar and but up against the oarlock.

Hand Bilge Pump

The 544 Hand Pump is a great option for boat lacking a battery powered bilge pump idea for small car top or jon boats they can pump water at 7 ½ strokes per gallon.


Like all Scotty products their gaffs are built to last manufactured out of stainless with a no slip handle we carry the 225 24” handle gaff and the 226 30” handle gaff.

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