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Prime Lures Co. is a local company operating out of Vancouver. Prime Lures was born out of a life-long passion for fishing as well as a desire to offer high-quality lures for a reasonable price. Prime Lures have not only performed very well in the field but have proven to be very well put together too. The hooks used are of very good quality so there is no need to swap them out for a different brand as we see with some other lures.

The paint stays on very well. If you’re lure fishing for salmon or steelhead, Prime Lures are a great product to tie on the end of your line.

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Some of the Prime Lures Products We Carry

Weighted Spinners

Prime Lures Weighted Spinners are a great lure when fishing for Coho, Chinook, Char and Steelhead. These spinners have a weighted body and are available in a 2/5oz and a 1/2oz. This weight helps to make it easier to cast farther distances as well as helping to keep the lure running deeper when being retrieved. These spinners are offered in two different blade sizes, number 4 and 5, and in an array of different colours. There are a total of 13 different combinations.

Glory Spoons

Prime Lures Glory Spoons are a traditionally-shaped casting spoon that is available in 2/5oz and 5/8oz weights. They cast well in both sizes and have a great action in the water. The hook that is on these lures is of very good quality and you don’t have to change it out. These spoons are available in a good assortment of popular colours that are loved by Chinook, Coho, Char and Steelhead.

Colorado Spinner 

Prime Lures Colorado Spinners are simple but very effective. These spinners are available in a number 4 size and in 8 great colours. They are meant to be fished under a float and are a proven lure for Chinook, Coho, Char and Steelhead.

Proudly Canadian and Family-Owned

Sea-Run Fly & Tackle is a family-owned small business located in Coquitlam, BC, Canada. We are a fishing specialty store that carries a large selection of fishing rods, reels, clothing, tackle, fly tying materials, boat accessories and more.

If you don't see the product you are looking for we are happy to special order it for you. Special orders can take a few weeks so make sure you factor that in if you're going on a trip.

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