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Established in 1908, Gibbs is one of the oldest fishing tackle manufacturers in North America. If it swims in our waters, Gibbs has a lure to catch it.  The Gibbs brand of fishing products has grown significantly since its humble beginnings in the early days. They have continuously expanded their product lines, updated products with the latest in technologies and adapted to changes in fisheries. Gibbs has worked hard to put out a complete line-up of products for anglers across the continent. 


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Not only has Gibbs been a pioneer in the manufacturing of tackle, they have also been huge supporters of fish conservation efforts and supporting groups helping to maintain access to fisheries. 

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Some of the Gibbs Products We Carry

Landing Nets

Whether you’re targeting salmon in the ocean, trout in streams or lakes or kokanee, Gibbs has a net for you.  The Gibbs Catch and Release Salmon Nets are available in rubberized mesh, soft mesh and the traditional nylon mesh in a variety of handle lengths.  The Gibbs Bamboo Catch and Release Nets are an ideal net for trout fishing. They are offered in an 8” and 32” handle length and meet the needs of any lake or stream trout angler. For scooping up kokanee, the Gibbs Kokanee Net has the perfect 30” aluminum handle with a mesh catch and release bag.

Salmon Trolling Spoons

Gibbs offers a large selection of salmon trolling spoons in an array of great fishy colours. The most popular models are the Skinny G, Wee G and the G-Force.  Gibbs also distributes the very popular Gold Star Kingfisher and Coho Killers.

Rigged Hoochie

Yamashita Hoochies are incredibly productive for Chinook and Coho. These pre-tied rigs are Japanese made and tied on 40lb line with a pair of ultra-sharp 4/0 hooks.  These are available in 26 hot colours.

Highliner #1 "A" Guide Series Flashers

The Gibbs Highliner #1 "A" Guide Series Flashers were designed with input from well-known guides in the industry.  These are available in a wide assortment of different colours that feature glow and Moon Jelly UV tape to make them really standout to fish.  These flashers have 2 high-quality stainless steel ball bearing swivels. The bottom swivel has a coast lock-snap for quick gear changes.

Rhys Davis Teaser Heads

Gibbs acquired the Rhys Davis brand a few years ago. These are the staple brand of bait heads and have been used in BC for decades.  Simply place a whole anchovy or herring inside the head, insert your hook and send down a perfect wounded bait fish roll.  Rhys Davis Herring Teaser Heads and Rhys Davis Anchovy Teaser Heads can be purchased in a 3-pack unrigged or as a single tied with a treble hook and 40lb line.  They come in a variety of different colours and finishes such as glow, UV and metallic.

Croc Spoons

The Gibbs Croc Spoon is one of the most versatile casting spoons around. The Croc is a favorite on the rivers for Coho, Pink, Chinook Salmon or Bull Trout. They work equally as well when used off beaches and estuaries.  In the smaller 3/16oz size they are one of the most effective casting lures when targeting rainbow or cutthroat trout. 

Not only is this lure effective, but it is also very easy to setup. You can simply tie it right to your mainline and cast and retrieve it. You can use a short leader with a swivel to join mainline and leader if you wish. However, if you are using a braided mainline, adding a swivel and monofilament leader is mandatory. Crocs are available in a broad range of colours.

Koho Spoons

The Gibbs Koho Spoon is a heavy-duty oval casting spoon that has been a staple for catching Coho, Chinook, Pinks, Steelhead and Bull Trout for years. The Gibbs Koho Spoon is the most popular when fishing in rivers but does perform well when casting off beaches or estuaries.  The weight of these spoons helps them be a productive lure in deeper pools or faster moving water.  Available in 4 sizes and in a broad range of colours to suit different water conditions and fish preferences.

Kit-A-Mat Spoon

The Gibbs Kit-A-Mat Spoon has similar construction, sizing and colour options as the the Koho spoons. It is a good choice for all the species listed for the Koho but with a different shape that makes it more suited to shallower, slower moving water. 

Kokanee Dodger

The Gibbs Kokanee Dodger comes in a classic dodger shape and action but is made in a smaller size that is more suited for kokanee and trout trolling.  Available in a variety of productive colours that are sure to get you some bites.

Bling Blade

As the name implies, the Gibbs Bling Blade is a polished blade with UV moon jelly center tape and glow beads that gets noticed by fish.  It is available in silver, gold and 50/50 blades with different combinations of bead colours. These spinners are a solid producer for both trout and kokanee.

Wedding Band

These need little introduction. The Gibbs Wedding Band has been a staple trolling lure for trout fishing since trout fishing began.  There’s a reason these have stood the test of time. They are a very effective lure for trout and kokanee. The Wedding Band is available in 8 different colour options.

Dog Tail Dodger

The Gibbs Dog Tail Dodger is an ideal dodger for trolling in lakes when targeting kokanee or trout. They are available with gold, silver or 50/50 blades. These dodgers help to give an attractive flash as well as increase the action of your lure.  Each dodger has UV moon jelly taping on the tail for an enhanced flash and a snap swivel for quick gear changes.

Proudly Canadian and Family-Owned

Sea-Run Fly & Tackle is a family-owned small business located in Coquitlam, BC, Canada. We are a fishing specialty store that carries a large selection of fishing rods, reels, clothing, tackle, fly tying materials, boat accessories and more.

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