Galvan Fly Reels

Galvan Fly Reels caught our eyes a number of years ago and have blossomed into one of our most popular selling fly reels.

Galvan offers a product that has performed near flawlessly and carry a very modest price tag for how they stack up in the competitive world of fly reels.  Galvan fly reels was founded over 25 years ago by Bonifacio Galvan. His goal was to produce a fly reel that was of the highest quality for the best value and we at Sea-run Fly and Tackle have to say mission accomplished! 


One of the things that really makes these reels stand out is their simple but rugged construction. They have a drag with a very smooth start up that is made for the biggest meanest fish on the planet and the spindle of the reel is about the largest of any reel we have seen on the market.  This big, heavy duty spindle stops the spool from torquing over and rubbing against the frame when fighting a large fish. Not only has the performance of these reels been outstanding, so has their customer service. 

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The Galvan Fly Reels We Carry

  • Torque
  • Rush LT
  • Brookie

Torque Series

The Torque fly reels hit the fly fishing scene in 2003 and were an instant favourite and have remained a hit today, a true testament to how solid this product has been.  The Galvan Torque fly reel has a cool cut out design that really lightens up the weight of the reel with nothing being sacrificed as far as strength and durability.  The Torque family starts at the T-3 for 2-3wt lines and goes right up to the T-12 for 12wt lines with every line increment in between.  We carry the Torques reels in Black, Silver, Green, Blue and Orange. 

Rush LT Series

Take almost everything we said about the Torque Reels and apply it to the Galvan Rush LT with one exception the cut out design. Other than that they’re the same high quality drag system, same heavy duty spindle, same flawless performance.  In fact, these reels are so similar that we can take a spool off a Torque reel and put it on the matching sized Rush LT reel.  We carry the Rush LT reels in Black, Silver, Green, Blue and Orange.

Brookie Series

The Galvan Brookie reel is designed as an ultra-lightweight smaller fish reel.  As with all Galvan products these reels are built solid even though they’re not facing adversaries that their cousins the Torque and Rush LT may face.  The Brookie is not a disc drag reel or a click and pawl, instead it’s a totally unique click and ball system designed by Galvan. 

These reels resistance can be adjusted to suit your desire with an allen wrench and then fish are fought by palming the reel to add extra resistance if needed.  The Brookies are sized starting at a 0-1wt line rating and then goes up to a 4-5 again hitting the increments in between.  Sea-Run Fly and Tackle currently offers the Brookie in Silver, Black and Green they can be order in Orange and Blue something we would be more than happy to accommodate with.

Galvan Customer Service

One story we have to share about just how excellent the customer service is from Galvan. We had a customer whos’ rather large dog decided to make it’s chew toy a Galvan reel. The spool was damaged, handle bent over the reel was not functional the way it had been left afterwards.  The situation was explained and we requested if we could possible get a special price to help out the customer.  A new spool was sent and at no charge, that was customer service above and beyond what was expected and why a product like this is so easy to promote.

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