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Solarez UV Flashlight

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Newest technology SMD ultra high output flashlight. Cures Solarez resin with the correct wavelength. Typically cures Solarez resin in 30 seconds or less. To reduce resin shrinkage and yellowing you can attenuate the light by moving the flashlight on and off the project. This flashlight takes two (2) CR123 Lithium batteries or you can use our Battery Charger Kit which contains one 3.7 volt UltraFire rechargeable battery to power your flashlight.

Please note our UV Flashlights are intended for curing small resin projects (less than 2" diameter), like our Fly Fishing Resins. Yes it can cure our liquid resins but for larger projects you will need a professional and powerful artificial UV light source. Full direct sunlight is the best way to cure our UV resins.

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