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Metz Premium Neck Hackle #3

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Fly Tying
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Metz Grade #3 Cock Neck Hackles are high quality fly-tying genetic rooster capes with deep, natural and consistent colouring. These necks have durable hackle feathers with flexible stems that will keep your dry flies floating high. They are great for tying a full range of sizes from tiny midges to large dry flies. Metz Grade #3 cock necks have the same quality hackle feathers as higher grade capes, but will have slightly more webbing and fewer of the smallest hackles (18 and smaller). The webbed portions are great for tying wooly buggers, intruders and streamers, ensuring that nothing goes to waste. If you're looking for top quality dry fly hackle feathers in a wide range of sizes, look no further than these hard-to-find cock neck hackles from Metz. An exceptional value.

  • Grade #3
  • Hundreds of feathers per neck
  • Hackle feathers average 3-6 inches in length with some being slightly shorter or longer
  • For midge to large sized flies
  • Uses: Dry flies (webby portions can be used for wooly buggers, intruders, and streamers)
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