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Enrico Puglisi Flies EP Fibers 3-D

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Fly Tying
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The perfect blend of the original EP® FIBERS.  When I fish I pay a lot of attention to the baitfish and their behaviors.  For years I have observed baitfish do change color in many situations, especially when under attack from predators.  If you want to simulate these natural color changes EP® FIBERS 3-D will do the trick for you.

This synthetic material is extremely durable, lasting many catches.  It doesn't absorb water, making it very easy to cast.  And it will keep any profile, making it a dream to tie with.  Certainly these fibers will make the difference in your patterns.

  • 10" Length
  • Approx. ¼ oz. Per Pack
  • Extremely Durable
  • Keeps Any Profile
  • 0% Water Absorption - Very Easy To Cast
  • Blend of original EP® FIBERS
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