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Dick Nite Attractant Kokanee Gel 2 oz

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Freshwater Fishing
Dick Nite
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 DNA (Dick Nite Attractant) is a Gel Scent - meaning it is thick and will adhere to hard baits as well as soft baits and real bait. Actually, the Gel was formulated to adhere to Dick Nite Spoons because people fishing for Kokanee liked to put a kernel of Shoepeg Corn on the hook - and that killed the action. The Gel lets the Dick Nite (or, any other lure) maintain it's action while adding the scent attractant properties.

These are all natural ingredients - not a bunch of chemicals mixed together to smell like the real thing - they ARE the real thing!

DNA is available in 4 formulas that were specifically formulated to work for a specific species. Of course, from the ingredients list, you will be able to see where they each can certainly be used for other species as well... For example, the Shad Gel, being made up of Shrimp and Krill, could certainly be used effectively for Sturgeon.

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