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Daiichi Wet/Nymph Hooks 1720 Bronze

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Fly Tying
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Uses: Muddlers, long-bodied nymphs, woolly buggers, small streamers. Bronze finish, round bend, down-eye, 1X-heavy wire, 3X-long shank, forged. Heavy wire, 3X-long hooks are the hooks of choice for America's most popular fly pattern - the wooly bugger. They are also very useful for bead head nymphs and stonefly nymphs, because these patterns require the extra length.

  • Long-bodied nymph fly tying hook
  • Round bend and a down-eye
  • 3X long and 1X strong
  • Great for tying long-bodied nymph patterns, muddlers, woolly buggers and small streamers
  • Comes in packs of 25
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