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Ace of Baits Prawn Scent Pacific Rim Blend 1 Litre

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Crabbing and Prawning
Ace of Baits
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Whether you’re a commercial or sport fisherman, you can boost your catch by using our 100% natural fish oil attractants to enhance your Ace of Baits bait pellets or your favorite lure. It is a well known fact that by choosing the right scent for the job, you won’t just get an edge over the competition... you will dominate the competition!

Scent attractants can be found in any sport fishing outlet or department store these days. You may ask then... What makes Ace of Baits stand out from the rest? Simple, our 100% natural fish oils are just that... all natural ... rendered from specific fish species. Ace of Baits fish oil attractants do not use any artificial coloring or dyes, imitation scents or extracts, volume thinners or expanders. Our line of specially-formulated fish oil attractants is of the highest quality and potency that you would expect from a fish product, and is the reason why they are so effective and right for you. 

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