This class teaches you the low down on modern “Intruder Style” flies. The how to and the why’s will all be answered during this intermediate workshop. We will learn how to make trailing hooks and shanks and compare them to tubes. Most of the common materials will be covered including Ostrich, Rhea, Polar Bear and many more.

4 Hours – 3 Proven Patterns + Variations

“Intruder” fly design was originally developed by a small group off well known fly anglers, who shared the concept that fresh  aggressive  sea run fish would respond well to a large buggy fly. The fly would share characteristics with squid, shrimp, bait fish and even small eels, all of which are prey to the Steelhead when out at sea. In order to achieve this the fly would have to be tide very large, at-least 3 – 6 inches long. The material used would need to have lots of movement and breathability, not clump up but move freely, swim like a fish and have tentacles like a squid. The Idea is that once a Steelhead enters fresh water they are likely to stop feeding to reserve energy for their up stream migration. Having said that, Steelhead are known to be very opportunistic and aggressive. We believe and have found that by imitating an obvious food item, such as squid, then swinging the fly away from the fish, will likely cause a quick reaction usually with a good grab being the result.

Students will receive 10% off all purchases on the evening of the course. Material list to be supplied before course.

Date: Thursday February 26, 2015
Time: 4:00pm – 8:00pm
Price: $85 + GST per person
Instructor: Aaron Goodis

Space is limited, so please call the store at  604-931-5044 or email us at to reserve your spot.

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