There is a growing amount of new spey and switch products that hit the market on a consistent basis, and we have that covered here at Sea-Run. From rods, reels, lines, tips, leaders, and flies, we have everything you need to get started or to keep you going.

The staff here at the store are highly knowledgeable with many years and hours spent on the spey front, from travelling all across British Columbia’s coast fishing Steelhead and Salmon, to down South in the States, fishing and casting with some of the best in the World.


Spey rods

We carry a large variety of spey rod manufacturers at all times such as Sage, G-Loomis, Loop, Echo, Dragonfly, and more in different lengths and various weights.

Switch Rods

We carry a large variety of switch rods as well, from makers such as Sage, G-Loomis, Loop, Echo, Dragonfly, and Temple Fork. Switch rods have become a common tool in any anadromous anglers arsenal.


Choosing the proper reel for your rod is critical in having the right reel for the job. This means you want a reel with enough line capacity for the species you are targeting, as well as having enough room for the thicker spey or skagit lines. Matching up a good sized reel is critical in correct feel for the rod. A reel that is either too large, or too small for the rod you are fishing can feel awkward when casting and fishing. We carry a large selection of reels in many price ranges. Brands that we carry include Dragonfly, Pflueger, Galvan, Loop, Hardy, Sage, Abel, Islander, Fenwick, Okuma, and more.


Choosing the correct line for your spey or switch set-up is one of the most critical things in order to cast and fish effectively to your best ability.


Shooting Heads

A key component to your set-up is your shooting head. Your shooting head is what allows you to technically make a cast, and shoot your line to the desired area. There are several brands of Shooting Heads out there, but we carry two main brands, Rio and Airflo.

Here is a list of some shooting heads that we carry:

Rio: RIO Scandi – Switch Lines – Skagit Short Head – Skagit MAX Short – Skagit MAX – ShortHead Spey – Skagit iShort – Skagit Flight – Skagit iFlight

Airflo: Skagit Compact – Skagit Switch – Rage Compact – Scandi Compact – Delta Spey II

OPST: Commando Heads

Running Lines – Shooting Lines

A running or shooting line is the line that is casted along with your head. These lines vary in thickness and in the core of the line itself. You will want to choose your running line accordingly with your head grain weights, and the size of fish you are targeting. We carry Rio and Airflo running lines.

Here is a list of some shooting heads that we carry:

Rio: Grip Shooter – Powerflex Shooting Line – Connect Core SH LN

Airflo: Ridge Running Line (20 or 30lb)

OPST: Lazer Lines (Various lb. Tests Available in 2 colour choices, Pink and Green)


There are various sinking and floating tips available for your spey or switch line. Both Rio and Airflo produce high quality floating and sinking tips from Rio’s MOW Tip system to Airflo’s Polyleaders, we have you covered.


We stock a large variety of tapered leaders, as well as tippet and other leader materials in brands such as Rio, Seaguar, Scientific Angler, Dragonfly, Airflo, Frog Hair, Maxima, and Berkley.

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