This is a course designed for beginner to intermediate fly fishers looking to learn with out “the bad habits” or any one looking to tune up their fly cast. We look at and break down the bare basics of fly casting. Students will leave this class feeling more confident about their fly casting, they will have a better sense of how to overcome and correct their bad habits.

Topics Will Include:

  • The Casting Loop – Size & Shape
  • Loop Control
  • The Casting Stroke And It’s Relation To Fly Line Length
  • Speed, Power & Tempo

Recommended Equipment:

  • Single handed fly rod 5 – 8 wt
  • WF Floating Fly Line
  • Sunglasses or Eye Protection

Instructor: Aaron Goodis
 June 19 – Thursday Evening (3 hours Como Lake)
Price: $100 + GST (limit 6 students)

Reserve your spot in the Faults & Fixes Fly Casting class with instructor Aaron Goodis by calling 604-931-5044 or email us at

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