This class is for the fly fisher with experience looking to improve their accuracy, distance and over all style and control over the fly cast. Learn “the double hall” for improved distance, casting angles to help with pin point accuracy and dealing with the elements such as wind, line drag, and running line management.

Students will leave the class with a much better understanding of how to achieve better distance and accuracy with their fly casting.

Topics Include:

  • Fly Line Loop Control
  • The Double Hall For Increased Distance
  • The Drift
  • Power & Tempo
  • Casting Stroke Angles For Accuracy & Distance
  • Dealing With Wind

Recommended Equipment:

  • Single handed fly rod 5 – 10 wt
  • WF Floating Fly Line
  • Sunglasses or Eye Protection

Time and Date: Saturday February 28, 2015 10am-1pm
Location: Como Lake
Price: $65 + GST (limit 6 students)
Instructor: Aaron Goodis

Reserve your spot in the Single Hand Fly Casting ­Advanced Distance and Accuracy class with instructor Aaron Goodis by calling 604-931-5044 or email us at

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