The “Client Leech” is a go too spring searcher for large Stillwater rainbows. Simple to tie but very effective with its pulsating black rabbit fur and bright metallic purple bead well the red hook adds to its overall appearance.



Thread: utc 140 Black
Hook: Umpqua U202 Red
Bead: 1/8 metallic purple bead
Body: black cross cut rabbit
Flash: purple holographic flashabou





Step 1: pinch barb on hook, slide bead on hook and place in vise
Step 2: tie thread on hook and tie
Step 3: cut rabbit fur off hide and pinch in small clumps all the way around hook
Step 4: tie in flashabou wing
Step 5: tie off thread complete with whip finish and head cement

Tied by Clint Derlago

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