Prepare yourself for the upcoming fall river salmon fishing season with River Salmon Fishing Secrets Unleashed!

This class is designed to help complete beginner to advanced anglers sharpen their skills and become a more well-rounded river salmon angler. Instructor Andrew Redmont will share his secrets to consistent success learned over years of river salmon fishing experience.

You will learn the secrets of where to fish, when to fish, float fishing techniques, twitch jigs and cast spoons and spinners as well as what to bring fishing, how to ID your catch, and provincial freshwater Salmon fishing regulations. 

Please register and join instruction Andrew Redmont at Sea-Run Fly & Tackle for your opportunity to take your river salmon fishing skills to the next level.  Limited to only 14 students.

For more info or to register for this course please call us at 604-931-5044, email us at or stop by the shop at #110-1140 Austin Avenue, Coquitlam BC.

Floating Fishing River Salmon

  • Rod/reel/mainline selection
  • Float sizes/styles/colours/float stoppers
  • Weight sizes/styles
  • Swivel sizes/styles
  • Leaders, fluorocarbon versus mono, lengths and weights
  • Hook sizes/styles/colours
  • Hard beads and soft beads
  • Artificial baits
  • Natural baits
  • Scents
  • Presentation, dead drift, bottom bounce, swing
  • Run timing/location

Jig fishing for River Salmon
  • Rod/reel/mainline selection
  • Float sizes/styles
  • Weight sizes/styles
  • Leader type/size/length
  • Jig selection, bunny/marabou/bead/intruder
  • Presentation/float fishing/dead drift/float fishing swing/twitching
  • Run timing/location

Spoon and Spinner Fishing for River Salmon

  • Rod/reel/mainline selection
  • Leader type/length/weight
  • Spoon and spinner selection
  • Customizing your lures
  • Presentations/retrieve/flutter/swing
  • Run timing/location

Students are not required to bring anything other than a pen and paper to take down notes. We will provide a class overview handout. 

Instructor: Andrew Redmont
Course Date: Wednesday, October 25, 2023
Location: #110-1140 Austin Avenue Coquitlam
Time: 6:00pm – 9:30pm
Cost: $75 + tax – everything is included.

Register for this course now by calling us at 604-931-5044, email us at or stop by the shop at #110-1140 Austin Avenue, Coquitlam BC. Guaranteed to sell out so make sure you register today.


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