Designed to take your fly tying to the next level. Explore multiple wing case techniques for nymphs and stoneflies. Double bobbin techniques for micro flies. Learn foam tying techniques to create top water hoppers and stimulators. Uv resin applications for wet and DRY Flies!

Week 1: Teeny Tiny. Exploring flies 14, and smaller. using the double bobbin method to lessen the difficulties of micro flies and Midge work. Pinch loop techniques for Chironomids and Soft hackle flies will also be covered.

Week 2: The Art of the Nymph- techniques in multiple wing case folding, advanced tubing methods and resin work for damsel flies and stoneflies.

Week 3: Working With Foam. Learn techniques for foam work and creating stimulator and hopper flies.

Week 4: Top water Uv Flies – uv resin applications for dry flies for rivers and lakes.

Flies will include: Tarantula Stone, Chernobyl Hopper, Spider Nymph, Uv Rider and more!

Your instructor for the day is Master Commercial Tyer Dennis Gamboa from The Fly Box. Dennis has been teaching fly tying classes for over 20 years all over the Lower Mainland. His specialty is Saltwater flies from local waters to exotic destinations he is a Master of the art of commercial tying with over 25 years experience on his Regal Vise.

His creativity and design has earned him a spot on The Lagartun Pro Staff Team and he is also the newest Partridge Pro-TEAM Member to represent the West Coast of BC Canada. He is also part of the Flymen Fishing Company Commercial Fly Tyers (CFT) Program.

Workshop sponsored by Partridge of Redditch & Lagartun Premium Tying Materials and Flymen Fishing Company.

Pre-Requisite – Fundamentals 101 or one year tying experience.

Please bring all tools, vise , 2 bobbins and required thread, in Black,red, brown, olive and white in 70 or 95 D equivalent and uni mono thread. Uv light and resin.

Recommend UV is Solarez thin or Loon Thick.

Location: Searun Fly & Tackle
Cost: $89 +GST
Dates: March 17, 24, 31 and April 14th, 2019
Time: 10am – 1pm

Limited space is available. Please call shop at 604-931-5044 or email to register.

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