Clothing for Fishing in British Columbia




Sea-Run Fly and Tackle carries a wide variety of clothing for fishing in British Columbia. We carry waders, wading boots, float tube booties, rain jackets, fleece tops and bottoms, merino wool tops and bottoms, poly underwear, Windstopper* jackets, socks, gloves, hats, t-shirts, hoodies, and more. We have a wide variety of styles of apparel, from basic to technical, and in a wide variety of materials, including the most up to date breathable GORE-TEX* designs.




We carry a variety of chest waders in both breathable and neoprene material for men, women, and kids, as well as hip waders in a nylon material.

Breathable Wader Brands Available:

Simms (Men’s):

– Blackfoot Stockingfoot Wader

– Freestone Stockingfoot Wader

– Headwaters Stockingfoot (GORE-TEX) Wader

– G3 Guide Stockingfoot (GORE-TEX) Wader

– G4 Pro Stockingfoot (GORE-TEX) Wader

– G4Z Pro Stockingfoot (Zippered-GORE-TEX) Wader

– Women’s Headwaters Stockingfoot (GORE-TEX) Wader

– Women’s G3 Guide Stockingfoot (GORE-TEX) Wader

– Kid’s GORE-TEX Wader


– Men’s Rio Azul II Wader

– Men’s Rio Gallegos Wader

– Men’s Skeena Wader


– Encounter Wader

Wading Boots

Wading boots are a key stepping stone (no pun intended) in maintaining good safety, and proper support for yourself while on your fishing excursion. There are many new boots with newer technologies that allow you to be more comfortable for a longer period of time while walking on rocks all day long, as well as giving you the best traction you can possibly get. One cool innovation in wader boot technology is the option to have standard laces or BOA wire system which assists in easy gear-up.

Simms: Simms boots are available in either a Felt, or a Vibram (Rubber) sole, giving you the opportunity to choose what you think will be most suitable for you. Both soles can have cleats or studs placed into them for extra traction, and in most cases we would recommend putting in cleats or studs.

Simms Boots:

– Rock Creek

– Freestone

– Rivertek 2 BOA

– Vapor & Vaportread

– Headwaters

– G3 Guide

– G4 BOA

Orvis Boots:

– Encounter

– Access

Rain Jackets

We carry a large range of styles and materials of rain jackets to match any wet weather application and any budget. Styles range from light outer shells to technical rain jackets that are designed to keep you dry even on those fall days when the rain never ends. Materials range from the , to the latest Simms Breathable GORE-TEX designs.. Whatever your fishing of choice, we have the jacket to keep you comfortable and dry with options that are designed for the fisherman by fishermen. We stock some of the worlds best manufactures including Simms, Bare, and Frogg Toggs.

Layering/Breathable Clothing

In addition, to jackets and waders we stock the clothing for proper layering in all weather conditions. We can help you to select the appropriate layering to ensure you have a completely breathable system. This will allow for the wicking of body moisture that will keep you dry, warm and comfortable under any conditions. We carry poly underwear tops and bottoms, fleece tops and bottoms, merino wool tops and bottoms, Windstopper* mid layer tops, wool and polyester socks designed for the outdoors. We have fingered and fingerless gloves in wool, fleece, and neoprene. We have waterproof hats, many different styles of caps, and toques. All of our clothing is designed for fishermen by manufactures such as Simms, Bare, Sage, and G-Loomis.


Sunglasses are key piece of equipment for the ardent angler to assist in understanding the water, weather, hatches, and fish feeding activity on those days when the sun and glare reduce your ability to see clearly. We carry a large selection of polarized sunglasses, ranging in price from $30-$300. Brands that we carry include Maui Jim, M, Optic Nerve, and Overcast.

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