The Chironomid Fly Fishing Class is taught by master stillwater angler, Trevor Welton. In this, tell all class, Trevor will reveal his best kept chironomid fishing techniques, strategies and secrets. He has been teaching this course for almost ten years and, in that time, has successfully taught over 200 people the art of chironomid fishing. The success of the course has been determined by extensive positive feedback from participants.

The custom designed curriculum includes an in-depth look at effective chironomid fishing techniques, starting with the basic elements and delving into more technical details that relate to and support the concepts of “wind firmness” and  “fishing with a plan”.  The course also covers basic entomology, equipment, flies/tying tips and a few intro to lake fishing techniques.

You will learn the following:

  • Basic Entomology
  • Equipment Selection
  • Chironomid Angling Techniques
  • Chironomid Tying Tips
  • Angling Locations
  • Lake Fishing Etiquette

Instructor: Trevor Welton
Date: Wednesday March 26, 6:00pm –  9:00pm
Price: $45.00 + GST per person

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