If its one thing fishermen love, its accessories and we have them in droves. Here are some of our accessories, but its impossible to list them all. Come in and see for yourself.



Smokers/Smoker Accessories

Sea-Run has a section devoted to smokers and smoker accessories including Bradley and Luhr Jensen “Big and Little Chief” products. We have vacuum packers and bags, a wide variety of flavors of woodchips and pucks, replacement elements, sausage making kits and recipe books. We can also provide you with tips on brines and smoking if you are just getting started.

Fishing Accessories General

Some accessories apply to all types of fishing, here are some examples of what we have in stock: aluminum and handcrafted wood landing nets, gaffs, knives, scissors, tackle bags/boxes/luggage, lights, magnifiying glasses, weight scales, line clippers, measure tapes, leader materials, bulk and packaged monofilament and braided lines, hook removal devices, hemostats, salt and freshwater pliers, reel bags/covers wading belts, wading staffs, and wading cleats.


Knives & Multi-Tools

Having the correct tools on your next fishing or hunting adventure could make a world of difference in many aspects, and not to mention, good quality tools at that. We carry a select variety of knives and multi-tools. Our two main brands that we carry are Buck and SOG. Both manufacturers have built knives and multi-tools with exceptional quality at a fair price.


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