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RIO Fly Lines, Spey Lines and Accessories - RIO Products

RIO Fly Lines joined the fly fishing scene in 1990. Through hard work, determination, innovation and a drive to produce the highest quality product on the market.

RIO offers a massive range of products to suit any angling adventure, anywhere in the world, which has lead them to become one of the most recognized fly line manufacturers today.  Not only does the brand RIO have a wide range of fly lines but also an all-star line-up of leaders, tippets, backing and other fly fishing accessories.


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RIO Products have had a home at Sea-Run Fly & Tackle for many years now and a favourite brand not only for us to sell but also use on the water.  Let's take a look at some of our favourite RIO Products offered here at the shop.

  • RIO Grand Floating Lines

  • RIO Gold Floating Lines

  • RIO Mainstream Floating Line

  • RIO Outbound Short Floating Line

  • RIO Indicator Floating Lines

  • RIO Versi-Tip Multi Tip Fly Line

  • RIO Fathom Sinking Lines

  • RIO Aqualux Sinking Line

  • RIO Mainstream Sinking Lines

  • RIO Spey Lines

  • RIO Leaders and Tippets

RIO Grand Floating Fly Lines

The RIO Grand is one of our most popular selling fly lines due its versatile nature and easy casting.  The Grand is a full line size heavier than the industry standard with more weight towards the front of the line. RIO has done this with todays’ fast action fly rods in mind to load them up easily, this is also an advantage for a beginner caster as they will feel their rod load much easier. 

The RIO Grand is offered in two different series, the Elite and the Premier.  The is the higher end of the two and features RIO’s Connect Core Plus technology. This minimalizes line stretch giving anglers a more direct connection to the fly, increasing feeling while casting and setting hooks. The Elite series also uses Slick Cast technology and make the line shoot out like no other line has. If you are a trout fly fisher then this is a line to consider.

 The RIO Grand Premier fly line series also utilizes Slick Cast technology but unlike the Elite series is constructed with a core that does have the traditional type of stretch to it. The RIO Grand Elite fly line is available in WF4-WF8 and the Premier in WF3-WF9.

RIO Gold Floating Fly Lines

The RIO Gold floating fly line is another top seller. It’s a great all around line that has a longer head design that gives great loop control especially on longer casts. Its front taper was designed to delicately present the tiniest little #22 fly but still enough to turn over a large #2 fly. This is a very popular line on lakes or rivers.  The Gold is also available in the Elite and Premier series.  The RIO Gold Premier is available in WF2-WF9 and the RIO Elite Gold in WF4-WF8.

RIO Mainstream Floating Fly Lines

The Mainstream lines were designed with the beginner or perhaps a more casual angler in mind. They have a nice short heavy head that makes for a nice easy casting line that won’t break the bank.  There is no doubt that RIO makes some of the finest freshwater fly lines. These floating lines are available in WF3-WF8.

RIO Premier Outbound Short Floating Line

The Outbound series of fly lines was designed to cast the biggest, baddest and heaviest of flies massive distances with little or no effort.  The Outbound short utilizes a very short heavy head that is designed to get just outside the rod tip before putting a deep load on the rod and then shooting a ton of line out to your desired target.  The Premier Outbound Short utilizes the Slick Cast technology for maximum slickness helping send these lines out even further.  These lines are available in WF5-WF10.

Versi-Tip Multi-Tip Fly Line

The InTouch Versi-Tip II fly line is a favorite amongst river anglers this isn’t to say that they don’t have a place on a lake but they really do shine on the river.  These durable fly lines all have a welded loop 15’ back in the lines taper with a floating tip that also has a welded loop to completing the line and making it a full floater. They also come with a 15’ intermediate tip, a 15’ type 3 sink tip and a 15’ type 6 sink tip all with the welded loops so essentially this is 4 fly lines in one.

When fly fishing on a river there’s not always a constant consistent flow, so having the ability to quickly change out your tip to suit the conditions you are facing is a game changer.  The welded loop system that RIO has produced makes for seamless casting you wouldn’t even be able to tell you’re casting a looped system. This is one of the most popular RIO fly lines we carry.

Premier Fathom Sinking Lines

The Premier Fathom sinking lines are specifically designed for lake anglers. They have a nice short and heavy head to help load the rod quickly and reduce the amounts of false casting to keep your line in the water and in front of fish more. 

They are two-toned, separating the head and running line so knowing the loading point of the line is easier than ever and have a hang marker on them so you know when that fly is getting close.  They are also density compensated making for a more direct connection to the fly and a better understanding of the distance and where the fly is in the water column.

The Premier Fathom has the Slick Cast Coating for the best in shoot ability. They’re available in WF5 type3 sink to WF8 type 3, WF5 type 5 sink to WF8 type 5 sink, WF5 type 6 to WF8 type 6 sink tips and WF6 type 7 to WF8 type 7.

Aqualux II Sinking Line

The Aqualux II Sinking fly line is pretty much a mandatory line in the lake fishing arsenal, these lines sink at a slow sink rate 1.5”-2”ips making them a perfect fit in shallow water situations. They have a 30’ clear head on them which offers complete stealth in a clear water situation. This can really be the difference maker in getting a bite or not especially when looking for the wily big fish of the lake. 

These lines are also a great option for beach fishing for salmon or trout or freshwater salmon. The invisibility of the line in those fisheries is heads and shoulders above a coloured line.  The Aqualux is available in WF4-WF8.

Mainstream Sinking Lines 

The RIO Mainstream sinking fly lines were designed with the beginner perhaps more casual angler in mind they have a nice short heavy head that makes for an nice easy casting line that won’t break the bank.  These sinking lines come in a clear slow sinking 1.5”-2”ips in WF4-or WF8 and in WF4-WF8 in type 3 and type 6 sinking. 

Spey Lines

RIO has long been revered as a pioneer in the Spey game and their current Spey offering is no exception.  The Skagit series of lines are the most popular. They’re nice and easy to cast even the largest of flies and heaviest of tips. 

The Skagit Elite Max Power is an ideal choice for shorter switch or short Spey rods. They start at a 325gr which is a 18’ head the 350gr and the 375gr are a 19’ long head, and then the 400gr-650gr are 20’ head lengths.  The Skagit Elite Skagit Max Launch is the longer head for longer Spey rods the 400gr-550gr lines are 23’, the 575gr-625gr are 24’ and the 650gr-750gr are 25’ long.

Tippet and Leaders

RIO tippets and leaders have been outstanding performers whether it’s the more inexpensive Powerflex Trout Tapered leaders or the higher end Powerflex Plus Trout Tapered leaders which is a smaller diameter with a higher breaking strength they won’t let you down.  The leaders are available in single packs or a more economical 3pack. 

RIO also manufactures an indicator specific leader for those fishing strike indicators.  We also offer the the Powerflex Tippet and Powerflex Plus Tippet.  We also carry RIO Powerflex Wire Bite Tippet too. These leaders and tippet are available in a range of sizes. 

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