Owner Hooks

Owner Hooks are premium quality hooks with a sticky sharp point and strong shanks which will ensure that you get to tell the story of the fish of a lifetime and not the sad tale of the one that got away. No matter if you are angling in salt or freshwater for smaller fish or big game species, you can always be confident in Owner hooks to get the job done.

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Some of the Owner Hooks We Carry

Barbless No Escape

Owner Barbless No Escape Hooks are truly great hooks when partaking in fisheries requiring barbless hooks. There’s never any chance of forgetting to crimp down a barb. These hooks have a unique V bend in the gap of the hook and an elongated point to  help keep fish from getting away.

SSW Cutting Point

Owner SSW Cutting Point Hooks are great all-purpose hooks with an incredibly sharp point. These hooks have a unique cut to them, making them one of the sharpest hooks in the game.

SSW Super Needle Point

Owner SSW Super Needle Point Hooks are also high-quality, all-purpose hooks. As the name implies, they have a needle-sharp point and a strong shank that won’t let you down even when the biggest, angriest fish in the water grabs on to your gear.

Stinger Treble

Owner Stinger Treble Hooks are treble hooks that won’t bend! With a 4X heavy wire construction and razor-sharp points, these hooks get the job done. Not only are these hooks sharp and strong, but they are also long lasting, even in the saltwater, with their anti-corrosion vacuum-tinned finish.


Owner Mosquito Hooks are fine wired hooks with a super needle point and a slightly up-turned eye. This hook has multiple uses but has been a very popular choice for fishing with hard beads.

90 Degree 2X Jig Hook

Owner 90 Degree 2X Jig Hooks are 2X heavy wire jig hooks suitable for salmon and steelhead fishing. The point on these hooks is slightly curved-in and is sticky sharp.

A sharp hook is one of the most important keys to success on the water. You can have all the expensive gear in the world but if your hook isn’t sharp, chances are you’ll be telling stories of the one that got away and not the story of a fish of a lifetime.

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