Fenwick Fishing Rods

No matter what type of British Columbia fishing you do, chances are you’ve heard of Fenwick fishing rods. Fenwick has been in the fishing rod business since 1952. They have become a world-wide force in the industry, designing rods for a broad range of fish species and fishing types.


Some of the Fenwick Products We Carry

Fenwick HMX

Fenwick HMX rods are one of our most popular sellers. This series has a broad range of rods. If you’re using a spinning rod for trout or salmon, there’s an HMX spinning rod for you. For trout fishing we offer these rods in a 5’6” ultralight, 6’ light, 6’6” medium light, 6’6” medium, 7’ medium light, 7’ medium and a 7’6” medium light. For salmon spinning rods we have the 8’6” medium, 9’ medium light, 9’ medium and a 10’6” medium. For those using a baitcasting rod for salmon and steelhead fishing in rivers there is the HMX baitcasting rod in 10’ medium heavy or the 11’3” medium heavy will fit the bill. Last but not least, for ocean trolling/mooching or for centerpin fishing on the rivers for salmon and steelhead, the 10’6” medium or 10’6” medium heavy are the go-to HMX mooching and centrepin rod models  .

Fenwick Eagle

The Fenwick Eagle series covers a broad range of fishing applications, like the HMX series. On the trout spinning side we offer the Fenwick Eagle spinning rod in a 5’6” ultralight, 6’ light, 7’ medium light and a 4-piece travel rod with a case in a 7’ medium light. For salmon spinning applications this rod is available in an 8’6” medium, 9’ medium, 9’6” medium and an 8’6” medium 4-piece travel rod. For bass anglers, the 6’6” medium baitcasting is a great fast action rod. Salmon and steelhead baitcasting rods that we stock are the Fenwick Eagle baitcasting rod in a 9’ medium and a 9’6” medium. This series is also available as a fly rod. We stock Fenwick Eagle fly rods in 9’ 5wt, 6wt or 8wt and these fly rods come with a hard rod and reel carrying case. All these fly rods are available in a 4-piece option. We also carry a 10’6” medium-heavy trolling/mooching rod that can also be used as a centerpin river rod.

Fenwick Aetos

The Fenwick Aetos fly rod has been a powerhouse since coming onto the market. It has been a great-selling rod with a ton of positive feedback from customers. Not only do these rods offer a top-quality performance, but they are also very reasonably priced. These rods cover a large range of length and weights, making them applicable for many different fisheries in the province. From a little 7’ 3wt up to 9’ 8wt, these fly rods won’t disappoint. 

Fenwick HMG

The Fenwick HMG series carries a legacy name. The HMG was the first series of graphite rods on the market. HMG stands for high modulus graphite. A lot has changed in the world of

graphite rods since 1973 but one thing still remains today; the HMG’s are a great fishing rod. Our line-up of rods in this series is primarily focused on trout. We stock Fenwick HMG spinning rods in a 6’6” light, 6’6” medium, 6’9” medium light, 7’ ultralight, 7’ medium and a 7’ 3-piece travel rod that comes with two different tips. One is a medium the other is a medium light. This rod also comes with a carrying case.

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